Our workshops are meant to create an understanding of motor development and how delays can impact learning.  Changes in our society and technological advances have altered the way children interact with their environment.  We focus on  why the differences in those interactions are limiting essential experiences to develop sensory systems.  

Discussion on the integration of motor and sensory components provides an understanding of how critical these aspects are to academic readiness.  Our objectives include the importance of incorporating purposeful movements into a daily routine to build foundational skills necessary for attention, postural stability, classroom performance and appropriate behavior in the school setting. 

I am a child. I am not built to sit still all of the time. I need motion, novelty, adventure and to engage the world with my whole body.
— paraphrased

What Participants Have Said

“The information was so practical and useful.  It helps to answer questions I’ve had about students in my class.”

- Kindergarten Teacher


“I liked how informational it was.  The research was great information to be able to take back to our campus.”

- Teacher


"It's fascinating how much unstructured play helps in aspects of the children's growth beyond just the energy release!"

- Mom of a 3 year old


“Great information!  So relevant to this grade level and so much to think about in terms of impact on student development."

- Pre-K Counselor


"Enjoyed the visual presentation and dual input from both speakers."

- Mom of children ages 4,7 and 10

“Awesome presentation - very informative and useful.  I liked the depth of information and research behind it.”

- Teacher


“This is probably the best workshop I’ve been to - lots of very useful information that is so relevant to kindergarten.”

- Kindergarten Teacher


“Y’all were easy to follow/understand.  You have down to earth great ideas.  Thanks for sharing.”

- Teacher


“WOW, talk about impactful information! We would love for them to come to present on our campus. It was really, really terrific!”

- Teacher


"Presenters seemed very knowledgeable and relatable.  I liked all the research based info and concrete examples."

- Mom of 8 month old and 3 year old