Kim and Janet's Favorites



Try to opt for natural, non toxic, non technology items

  • Wooden building blocks
  • Magnetic letters and play scenes (can be used on upright surface ie refrigerator)

  • Assortment of balls

  • Lots of books

  • Natural Elements for creativity (sticks, acorns, pinecones, fabric, etc)

  • Assortment of dress up clothes and accessories

  • Playdough

  • Chalk/Paints

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Larger legos

  • Wooden lincoln logs and/or tinker toys

  • Wooden puzzles

  • Animal figures

  • Extra kitchen items for creative play (pots, pans, spatulas, plates, cups, etc)

Outdoor items:

  •  Swings

  • Slide

  • Sand box

  • Loose items for building (tires, planks, sticks,etc)



  • Go for a walk

  • Rake leaves and jump in them

  • Help dig a hole using a shovel

  • Roll down a hill

  • Make mud pies

  • Put on rain gear and splash in puddles

  • Play outdoor games: Tag, red rover, green light/red light, mother may I, etc.

  • Take a hike and gather items for creative play: sticks, rocks, leaves, etc.

  • Visit a farm: pet animals, pick apples or vegetables, etc.

  • Use sidewalk chalk for drawings/hopscotch

  • Run and play in the sprinklers

  • Climb a tree

  • Stargaze at night

  • Go camping/fishing

  • Visit a favorite park/playground

  • Plant flowers, trees, a garden, etc.

  • Jump rope

  • Go for a family bike ride



Balanced and Barefoot by Angela J. Hanscom

Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five by John Medina

Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World by Tony Wagner